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Friday, January 15, 2010

Thanks to all the Mum's & Grandmum's out there that offer unconditional support

Today I woke to the sounds of my children being very quiet !!!!!!!!
I ran all the way to my craft room to find my sweet 3.5 & 5year old 'cherubs'.....
lucky the 2year old was still sleeping!!!
They were so clever, they had gotten the new candles mummy had bought  to decorate and decided
to decorate them for me...................
They had emptied ALL of my embossing powders (all 7 containers) and dazzling diamonds over the candles. They did have the knowhow to cover the candles with glue stick first to make sure the powder stuck....mmmmm.
Well I turned into a volcano that had just woken up.....but instead of spitting lava all over the place ( as I wanted to) I remained calm and explained to them why I was not as happy as they would of hoped.
I then proceeded to call my mummy and let her know that instead of having the pleasure of 1 of her grandies today she could have all 3.
Thankfully she thought under the circumstances it would be a good idea as well.

Thanks to all the Mum's & Grandmum's out there that offer unconditional support..


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